Look #99 - Aztec or Tribal?

poyo nak mati!  =.=
F block scarf / F21 inner & cardigan / Unbranded pencil maxi skirt / 
Unbranded bag from HK / Charles&Keith flat shoes

Mine here is just a simple one taken on a night hangout with a buddy. reasonably, opted  for a plain top to match the busy prints of the skirt. yup, i'm not brave enough to style the patterns blocking and since the scarf already full with colours. so, i'm just playing save!

Btw, i always have this thing in mind; an instant fashionable look is easy to achieve whenever a top being tucked inside a bottom. then, to avoid the 'sexy' look from behind, a hijabista can opt for any longer outerwear to cover it up.

Well, some people inclusive me is quite confuse upon classification between the Aztec and the Tribal print. based on searching and reading, i'm totally agree that a systematical and an organised combo of the geometrical and lines is the Aztec. colours are not really as bold as Tribal's and acceptable to my sight. yup, featuring lot of pastel palette too!

 courtesy of www.aprilialove.com

Whilst bigger and bold shapes which are more screaming the African ethnic is the Tribal. they are clashing with each other, more vibrant and more hues. nevertheless, lot of people are calling this trending as the Tribal Aztec Print. end of the story aka habes cerita!! :P

So, this Summer/Spring 2013 trend is quite hot as you can see lot of fashion mag/web/blog are featuring it onto their pages. the best part about this print is it is looking great on the top, skirt, short, accessories and the list keeps on continuing. then, the bold and eye-catching colors is always giving a statement that the wearer is quite a fashionista one.

Ok enough rambling on the prints. admittedly, i'm dying to own a pencil skirt since it is able to streamlined silhouette and making the wearer looking slimmer and slender! so again, this is absolutely a hit right now and honestly, finding a maxi one is quite hard since the most popular is the high-waist mini skirt. well, thanks to my petite height that transforming this ankle-length skirt into a perfect maxi skirt! huhu

Therefore, this specific garment being combined with Aztec prints are too awesome to deny. both elements are essential to a so-called fashion lover since both of them are really in. although Aztec has been well-exploded since 2012 but this trend is assuredly timeless. atleast, will never go wrong to the Bohemian lover~

As expected i'm not really qualified to advise about fashion but still wanna share my limited understanding upon it. So, a great comments from the expert;

"Tribal is generic word actually that ranges from african print to pua kumbu to aztec etc. Yours is actually not aztec, but more to navajo, ie the origin is from the american indian"  Zamri from zabigfatblog

Thanks a lot for viewing and reading. Credit info to yahoo.com , winterlennon.com and inkkas.wordpress

* Photographed by Dear JoonYoo and Edited by SizzlingSuzai *


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  1. Tribal is generic word actually that ranges from african print to pua kumbu to aztec etc. Yours is actually not aztec, but more to navajo, ie the origin is from the american indian. Sekian kelas utk hari ini. :D
    Nice blend of prints btw. :)

  2. HAHAHAHHAHA singkat sgt kelas rini prof..hahaha thanks a lot for the info yup really need it as honestly ive never heard the 'navajo' before LORhhh..yup already include in the description above! ;)

  3. the whole tribal and aztec thing is quite confusing. Either way the print looks really nice on you.

  4. ohhh Matt thanks a lot for visiting though!! adore ur blog so much keep on yeahhh ;)))

  5. Eh, masuk description dlm main post plak ker? Ish, me no expert la... sekadar nk share info sket2 jer. :)

  6. its ok dear as i wanted to share yg seket2 jer tu with the readers as well ;)) elleh poyo malu2 plak die!!! XP


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