Iftar + Gathering at an Arabic Restaurant

Salam Ramadhan...  ;)


Its been a while that i didn't story about my own personal life, right? so, this is a compulsory activity of the holy month, having iftar with my buddies who are the self-proclaimed engineers. haha..we are some of the ex-classmates who are never failed to meet and catch up with each other since the moment we completed with the studies.

Sure, lot of the others are not available and not to mention few are working far away from Selangor/Klang Valley. yup, living only us! nevertheless, we always keep on planning and planning and insyAllah gonna meet some on this coming 18th August as my best-best-friend is ringing her wedding bell. ;')

Although it was just a short meeting, we're always having so much of fun. chatting on each other progress, complaining on the stressful workloads, gossiping on the other's poyo FB's status hahhaha, planning on the next gathering and the topic that making me looks so pathetic is WEDDING PREPARATION! yup, each and everyone of them are engaged and will get married soon. Oh NO, what is going on with me??!!! HAHAHA hampeh betol!!!  XD


Royal Arabic - RM15
 Roasted Chicken - RM13
Chicken Aukdah - RM11

Now, being the foodies. it is an Arabian cuisine restaurant but not really nailed it. frankly, we don't really have the place to choose that ended up making us to just decided on this. based on the menu, they are listing on the Arabian dishes but again successfully fail as lamb is finish, this one is not include in the menu, this one is NO only that one available and blah-blah-blah. what is Arabian food without a lamb meat???!

Forget about that and move on to the taste. the look already a NO-NO to my sight as the rice is plain, too dry and tested just so-so to my tastebuds. nothing special. the chicken is OK lah.

Then, chicken what? aukdah? messy and hancus. nothing special with no herbs being put inside and even nothing extra umphhh being cook together. oh, it is being served with the roti. Errr..whatever.

So, we just ate it for the sake of breaking the fast (Alhamdulillah for the rizk...) as well as to dine in together. sure, don't want to promote this place as i don't recommended you guys to visit it. period.


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