'Wind Chimes In A Bakery' Series Exclusive Screening and The Red Bean Bun Baking!

Event: Samsung S4 'Wind Chimes In A Bakery' Exclusive Screening
Date: 3rd August 2013
Venue: At 19 Culinary Studio, Damansara Height

What a tittle?! that is the best that i can think of. yup, it was an exclusive viewing for a web series called 'Wind Chimes In A Bakery' created by Samsung GALAXY S4. honestly, i am super impressed as this unique series is absolutely splendid! assuredly, will make a special post for this korean-inspired love story soon but still dying wanna request you to watch the trailer below or HERE

Great picture, excellent acting and a very very nice love story between Adam and Sue. no worry will brief in detail on the next post. or you can directly visit the official Youtube channel of SamsungMalaysia to watch the episodes uploaded. Click HERE

Thus, what does the link of that baking workshop? haha..actually the Red Bean Bun is the catalyst for the love story between Adam and Sue. so, meet the actors, Ahmad Nabil and Koe Yeet who were there to demonstrate on baking the 'love bun' by themselves. nah, lets the photodo the talking lorh~ :)

the cutest chemistry between Adam (Ahmad Nabil) and Sue (Koe Yeet). <3>
the Samsung GALAXY S4. weihh, can flip the screen by just waving your palm in the air!
start to bake the lovely Red Bean Bun.
the pro demonstrated the ways; like this like that like haha..thanks dear! ^^
so happy baking with miemy and sabby ^^ Ngeeeee~!

Elwyn and nana, met after like 2 years!
meeting for the first time, Mizz Ayna
screening time while waiting for the bun to completely 'cook' n yup knowing En MrJocko too ;)
she is definitely cute, extremely bubbly and sweetest Koe Yeet. keep up dear! :)
Oh we are the twins of 88, why you're so cute leyh? hehe go Nabil go! :)
met again; SS and getting to know the sweety Han Kerie :)
met again and again; Kifli nok haha and kak illy  :)
the real-friendly host and look stalker at the back!! haha you guys are the best! :)
our Red Bean Bun are ready to be taken-away! 
the scrumptious refreshment provided. hmmm..we're fasting lor. ;'(

Well, will share the recipe soon. just wait ah! btw, thanks for the great invitation here with a simply nice venue, delighting baking experience for me who don't bake as in do not know how to bake! haha shame on me! and mingling with the other bloggers is always fun for me! till we meet again yar..  ^^

credit goes to SamsungGALAXYS4 and at19CulinaryStudio.


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  1. wahhh..best jugak event ni..rugi tak dpt join..sebab pika ada last minute hal..sadis..anyway..next time ajak pika lagi ye kak ;) Thank You..muwahhhh

  2. wahhh..best jugak event ni..rugi tak dpt join..sebab pika ada last minute hal..sadis..anyway..next time ajak pika lagi ye kak ;) Thank You..muwahhhh

  3. seronoknya dpt join..red bean bun pun nmpk sedap..:)

  4. waaaa bestnyeee.. aritu yukiko ada ajak, tapi sebab tak tengok cerita ni, terpaksa tolak

    Salam Aidilfitri dari Blog Uncle Zuan dan Saiazuan Blog :)

  5. piqa n kak asyik syg--> xpe lahh iAllah byk lg event2 in d future yyg akn ktemukan kt bertiga! hahahah xd pon kt sndiri buat event dak..hehehe

  6. atikah--> hahahha woww?? ok thanks btw ;)

  7. syazwan--> lor yeke eh klu next time trjumpe tego tauw!! ;)

  8. untung la dapat buat banyak Red Bean buns


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