Eid Mubarak 2013 - Selamat Hari Raya Semua!

Salam Syawal...  ;)

Times fly too fast, wasn't it? one day we enter the Ramadhan and the next day, its already Syawal! haha..does the phrase sounds familiar to you? hehe..so, Alhamdulillah and praise to The Almighty, Allah SWT as we are still breathing and having the chance to celebrate this year Eidulfitri with such a good condition; nice home, new cloth, delicious foods and insyAllah a happy family.

Twenty years ago when i was a kid, Raya was freaking awesome! we went back to kampung, excitedly over collecting the angpow, having fun playing the fireworks with all the cousies and etc etc. as the time goes by i am not really feeling anticipate over this festive because everything was changed. EVERYTHING...

Anyhow, tonight is quite a turn on for me. our small family is gathered here in Kajang and we're just done with all the cooking, hey, my mom's Ayam Sambal Kacang is the best among the best! haha..yup, you guys should come and have a taste lorh~ ;D

Anyhow, wish all my lovely readers here have a blessing Syawal starting on this morning yar. remember, we got 30 days to celebrate it. therefore, eat slowly as the foods are not going anywhere haha and yeahhh, enjoy the moment! till we meet again and SELAMAT HARI RAYA!!!  ^^

* Photographed by my baby Canon EOS 550D *


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