Look #102 - Repetition

F block scarf / F21 sweatshirts / Charles&Keith shoes / Unbranded maxi pencil skirt

Yup, everything is repeated! not to mention that i'm honestly quite lazy to describe each garments but who knows that this is your first time stumbling upon this page, so at least its worth of sharing! obviously, i just posted the maxi pencil skirt in here few weeks ago which saying its a brand-new item in the wardrobe.

Comparing those two differ looks, admittedly this one screams slouchy and slothful. another one is more sleek, appealing and prepared. haha..nevertheless, this pairing is undeniably comfortable. that fav sweatshirt that i've been lodging all of this time has been worn countless time!

Oh i know that the scarf and bag are boring you to the max. haha..sorry as both are like made for each other and i just couldn't think of anything else. am i trying to find a new backpack purse to replace that orange one? hahaha..no i am not since that roomy and very convenience bag is one of my fav item and fyi, i rarely change my handbag. the reason is because my stuff is overloaded. so, to always transferring them from one bag to another one is freaking messy!

Btw, the fabulous location is at The Gardens, Mid Valley. it was actually taken on an event day for the ASTRO Go Beyond + Negaraku which sure will be posted soon. a very happening event and i've met few famous local celebrities too. Oh, a happy happy day, wait ah! thanks for reading though.  :)

* Photographed by dear SyafiqahHashim & edited by SizzlingSuzai *


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  1. bru je lepak dkt sini arituh smentara tgu nk tgok wayang...hohoho

  2. hahahahha nape x lepak mase sy dok berangan jd model smlm2 ni....hhahaha sti kena gelak nye!! XD


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