Sizzling Suzai X Beto Kusyairy

Looking at the outfit clearly showing that i was at a sport event. huhu pardon on that unfinished look though! while i was looking as slothful as that Warghhhhhhhhhhh finally got a photo together with my fav actor, Beto Kusyairy whom ive been fanning since long long time ago! specifically, i fell deeeeeeeply in love with his coolness through this two tele-movies "Kasyaf Imani" back in 2011 and "Selagi Masih Ada". OMG his natural acting and his cuteness are always win (err winner of my heart too! haha) OK lets get real lol he is happily married with a beautiful wife. i do pray for their forever happy and blessing marriage amin.. gosh, taking a photo with you is unreal! fanning you always, semoga kita bertemu lagi abang Beto!

#PeminatKipasSusahMatiBetoKusyairy :)


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