Photo Diary JB - Kilang Bateri #Hipster

Kilang Bateri 
Jalan Tampoi,
Kawasan Perindustrian Tampoi,
Johor Bahru
12pm to 12am

This is undoubtedly a compulsory place to visit whenever you happened to be in JB! it is being suggested by the Johorian themselves when i insisted to have my late dinner at somewhere nice and #hipster hehe yup "Kilang Bateri" nails it!

Direct translated "Kilang Bateri" is Battery Factory where in this whole building is originally a battery factory that being transformed into something unique and hipster! just start to operate back in 1 year ago, this cool 'food court' attracted different kinda patrons all over Malaysia.

This is not just a place to dine (be it heavy meal or simple snacks!) but also an one-stop centre for shopping and leisure. you may spend few hours in here. no fret, the foods choices are super variety! well, i reckon nightlife is more happening and assuredly stunning with all those neon and bulbs! so, come with your handy camera and full-battery smartphone as this place is definitely an Instagram-worthy!

Just one flaw about it, the location is at a desolated area since this is a real factory in a real industrial area. so, you need to drive like 20 minutes from town into a silent road before bump onto this place which suddenly looks very happening (many cars park at the roadside) and also suddenly will make you feel relief and secure! haha so the answer to good marketing is not a 'Good location' anymore. can be voided from the list lol yey i love JB!

Ambiance : 9.5/10
Location : 7/10
Price : 7/10 (not cheap, not really pricey, OK la)

Photographed by SizzlingSuzai


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