Look #243 - Winter in KL #UniqloMy

Satin Scarf / Unbranded Jacket / HM Shirt / Uniqlo Jogger / Nike Shoes / Michael Kors Bag

Never did i know that finally i could wear this 'winter jacket' wondering around in KL! haha i was always so excited to put it on but ya'll know how high is humidity in Malaysia eventhough during night right? hence, the mission always failed!

Well more on the jacket, my mom got it from Bandung which some people might know that they are famous spots for leather stuffs such this jacket and shoes. A buzz-worthy purchased i'd say. Taking off the jacket and the shoes was actually my working attire on that day. A 5 seconds transformation done a great job though. hence, some tips for a working people who has limited times to transform hehe

Tips and Tricks : Think of something you can wear as inside (innerwear) which later you may add a chic outerwear. Be it a jacket or a sequinned cardigan perhaps! 

Photographed by SabbyPrue | Edited by SizzlingSuzai


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  1. The best post!! The way you explanations, hat off!!, your time consuming research in post is much appreciated. You are an inspiration. Keep it up!


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