Look #241 - He Betrayed Me, I'm Nonchalant

Courtesia KL Scarf / Unbranded Top / Topshop Jeans / HM Boots and Necklace / Michael Kors Bag

First of all, i should apologize as this #ootd was taken year ago! Pardon me guys as i always tend to pending on the thing that i love the most as in i always feel like this is so special, it deserves that special moment but ended up i fail to do so. hence, i'd claim that this look is one the my fav look. minimal, edgy yet it still making a statement with that popped dazzling blue top.

More about the top. surprise! surprise! as stated it is an unbranded item and i got it at a bundle shop or thrifted shop with an extremely cheap price tag of RM5 only!! trust me it looks and feels as expensive as in the photo. the material is still in excellent condition, argh im too lucky! if you wonder, yes im so keen to share with you my shopping tips especially at those bundle shop. please do watch this space as im in the midst of collecting and accumulating the content now. hehe thanks for reading though :)

Photographed by SyafiqahHashimxoxo


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  1. style kak suzai dongak kepala ni mg dr dulu smpi skrg stylo

  2. headinggg diaaa..
    memang tadi sebelum bukak kalau baca sedih2 nak wasap terus.
    nasib baik pasal baju.
    saja tau buat kite risau kt dia.


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