Photo Diary JB - Pasar Karat JB

Pasar Karat | Jalan Segget, Bandar Johor Bahru | 7:30pm to 12am

I reckon that this is somehow one of a renowned night market / flea market in Malaysia and ive been dying to cross out this place in my bucket-list since many years ago. so on the last Sept 2016 whilst i was in JB for the Johor Fashion Week, i finally made my visit! oh thanks to both Ghaz and Ameen for accompanying me to check out this treasure.

My first impression is it looks more like a Night market rather than a flea market or vintage market. the thing is the name given, "Pasar" is market and "Karat" can be direct translated to Rust which indirectly trigger our mind that it should be selling old items. OK i found few booths selling second-hand shoes and bag with very good bargain. hehe got one "new" shoes for myself and im super love it! and surprisingly, i only bumped onto one booth that selling antique stuffs and it located at a very end corner where no one ever feels like walking towards it. hmmm sad situation though.

So, visitor please expect familiar "brand-new" things like clothes, scarves, tshirt, jewelry, watches and bags. well, im not interested with those items, so i didn't know the price range but i bet you can use your bargain skill to get the most reasonable prices. haha good luck!

Undeniably, "Pasar Karat" is a nice place to spend your nighlife in JB. got few cafes along this alley and surrounded this area. you may also enjoying the great performance by those youngsters while sitting at the bench and devouring the street snacks. hehe i love JB! :)

Photographed by SizzlingSuzai


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