Review : New York Hotel JB

New York Hotel
No. 22 Jalan Dato’ Abdullah Tahir
80300 Johor Bahru
Johor, West Malaysia
Tel : (607) 331 1588
Fax : (607) 331 8588

I was there on 8th Sept 2016. staying for only 1 night (inclusive breakfast for two) and cost me of RM178.49 via Agoda booking. honestly, it was no cheap but yup i just wanted to give it a try. located at the hub of JB where all the places can be easily access by car. got one good restaurant situated in front of the hotel and around the hotel's area which is a walking distance. front desk is 24hrs (of course!) and all the staffs are friendly and helpful. 

Few points worth to be highlighted 

1. Room is really SPACIOUS for 2 adult (i like it a lot!)
2. A Morning Newspaper for you! can choose Malay or English 
3, Jacuzzi (warm and super cozy!) is included at the Pool area level 11 if im not mistaken
4. Breakfast selection is great, err sorry no photo.
5. Room's WiFi also great! i was updating this blog smoothly!

Worth the RM178,49? hmmm i'd say yes :)

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  1. Ofismate liz ckp, htl ni ada jeng jeng .. Hr tula pnh dgr drg duk cite ms outstation jb


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