[Review] Feeling Lux with Lux Shower Cream

Ok i received this super generous gift from Lux Malaysia few months ago. so i've been spending another few months later to rejoice one by one of those 3 fabulous scent. honestly, they dont ask me to share this thought but it just me who feel that it would be wasteful if i keep it to myself haha since i LOVE them. so, i wanna you guys to try it and LOVE it too hehe :)


I've actually already wrote a special review on this scent in here anyhow, in short this magical spell is Very rich and Very intense which suitable for your everyday used especially for those whos having a hectic routine and sweat a lot. pleased yourself by taking night bath with this 'perfume' and wash away your body odor and finally sleep fabulously Auch! hehe


Oh oh i was quite surprise with this one as the liquid contains microcrystals (extremely small grains or call it as granular substance) to exfoliate your skins while bathing. in other word to remove dead skins! OK first of all, the idea of this White Impress is for whitening purpose and thats explaining the 'removing of dead skins' just now. yey that is also the vivid reason of my fondness of this one besides the smell is really pleasant and creamy! think of Vanila and Floral....


I HATE Pink! but never that i thought this is my ultimate crush out of those two. the scent is so romantic, yup rossy! and in the same time STRONG! i was underestimating it though. i love how it left my skin feels soft everytime i applied it during my shower. personally, the scent is quite long-lasting. you will feel calm and truly peaceful whilst having your shower with this one. hehe sumpah suka!


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  1. Akak ingat lagi iklan2 Lux zaman dulu2, guna sabun mandi utk basuh muka, hahaha. I love rose scent, too, & vanilla, of course. Nak try la shower cream ni. :D


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