How To Win MTV BIG PASS 2016?

OMG i've been waiting for this, the MTV is back!! now they gotta new thing up for you, MTV Fans. YOU and and your squad of up to 3 friends, access to not one, but four amazing live music events in Southeast Asia!


MTV BIG PASS is a seasonal reward programme for the most avid music fans in Southeast Asia. In the kickoff of this season, MTV will arrange for the lucky massive fan and his/her squad of friends to attend 4 amazing live music events in Singapore and Malaysia. The programme gives MTV the opportunity to put the spotlight on music lovers, their party culture and the vibrant music scene in this part of the world.

Rockaway Festival 2016 – 29 to 30 October, Malaysia
It’s The Ship 2016 – Departing from Singapore on 4 November, returning on 7 November
Neon Lights 2016 – 26 to 27 November, Singapore
ZoukOut 2016 – 9 to 10 December, Singapore


Not to be mentioned that MTV will document you and your friend's experiences at the music events!


1. Send MTV a photo or video showing how you and your friends enjoy a big night out of music and party. The most creative entry, as decided by MTV wins!

2. Send entries via Instagram and hashtag #mtvbigpass. Be sure to switch your Instagram privacy settings to public and indicate your nationality on your post caption too!

3. Contest is open for residents of Singapore and Malaysia aged 18 and above only.


20th October 2016

Official page : 


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