3CE X BARBAPAPA Available in Sephora


Balance between Pink and Peach tone with smooth charms. Ambient gold pearls on top of daily colors give specialism on contouring, while two different Luster colors that are solely made of pearls gift luxuriousness

#1 Friendly Pink Ivory with Meticulous Gold Pearls
#2 Ambient Gold Pink Pearls on Dried Rose Color
#3 Luster Pearls on Ambient Pink Peach Color
#4 Pink Brown with Gorgeous Gold Pearls


Rich Color Lipstick that moistly adheres and covers lips. Optimized base for adhesion expresses great adhesion and glossing allowing clear& vivid color for a long time. Vegetable Butter Moisturizing Component blocks dryness on lips.

2 COLORS available
#112 CHOP CHOP : Endless Pure and Clear Fresh Peach
#113 COTTON: Naked Rose Lips that just look alike your (as in the photo!)

As a moist cushion type blusher with clear color, It maintains a long time cheek makeup with liveliness. Clear color allows multilayers making even beginners to easily enjoy.

2 COLORS available
# PINK Baby Pink that gives a girly girly look. White Pink Light upgrades the tone creating a pure cheek makeup.
# PEACH As a clean lovely daily peach color, it creates peachy cheek makeup

OMO specifically, i want these three! The limited edition collection features the children's book-turned-cartoon character on a myriad of makeup products including cushion foundation, blush cushion, lipsticks, lip balms and eyeshadow palettes, as well as brush kit and pouch. Top Korean makeup brand, 3CE will be introducing its Barbapapa collection beginning on October 13th, 2016 at all Sephora stores.


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