Sizzling Suzai X Sarah Smallnhot

By Wednesday, September 07, 2016 ,

Sharing the same passion in fashion, we're easily clicked 2 years ago (i guess so! haha) and the other reason of we kept on bumping onto each other at almost all the fashion events happening around kl. yup, slowly we bonded. called as Sarah Mai, a fashion and lifestyle blogger at Small n Hot is also one of my best blogger buddy. indeed, she is petite and HOT though! go and check her style at the blog or her instagram @smallnhot gosh babe, im super duper loving this ootd shot of us! hope we could do this again! :)

Location Pavilion, Kuala Lumpur | Beautifully Photographed by Gaban_Koishi


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  1. Aww so sweet of you gorgeous ! Love doing ootd with you too Xoxo 💋💋


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