Johor Fashion Week 2016 : Day 1 & IFF

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#JFW2016 DAY 1 | 9.9.16 | Persada Johor International Convention Centre

The first version of Johor Fashion Week was happening on the last weekend. i was invited to be part of the media to cover the 3 days and 2 nights on-going event. congratulation guys for this baby step! so, the first day was divided into 5 sessions, started at 10am and ended with the IFF;  Islamic Fashion Festival Show. big applause should be given to this impressive collaboration. IFF is a globally well-known Islamic and Modest Fashion Showcase found by Dato' Seri Raja Shah Rezza which i always looking forward to.

I was there since morning and witnessing quite a number of fashion show from the participated brands and designers. some that are steal my interest are AW Melbourne (menswear), Pikat KL (not a common name anymore!), Siti Buhari (a brand-new brand just joining the list on last month yet their collection are alluring, go and check them!), Lovetullipe (casualwear), Tuhfah (pretty kaftan with pretty prints!), Petra RTW (again a renowned brand among fashion conscious), Yans Creation (an Indonesian designer for IFF) and Emilia Hassan (also for IFF which i will specially share some of the look on a separate post!)

To be Continued..

Photographed by SizzlingSuzai


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