Look #236 - Attitude Problem

Courtesia KL scarf / Uniqlo Shirt / HM Jogger / F21 Denim Jacket / Coach Bag / Unbranded Shoes

I wrote it anywhere, Instagram, Tweeter, Facebook and finally in here claiming that I don't like being mad because it will turn me into somebody that i am myself don't fancy it! that other side of me is bolder, louder and some sort of annoying but hey, as saying everybody has their own anger inside, so do i. yup i will forget later but not now!

The thing is please people appreciate and respect each other! its a simple rule to credit the owner of any photo or video that you posted in your social media. its not yours, its theirs! so DON'T STEAL because for me taking somebody else "thing" and claim like its yours can be assumed as STEALING! is it so hard to just paste the two words REPOST and "the acc name of the owner" is it real hard though?? i really don't get it and yeah personally, i think that YOU DEFINITELY HAVE AN ATTITUDE PROBLEM girl! please learn and be smart a little bit. thanks!

"Attitude is a little thing that makes big difference" Winston Churchill

By the way i was actually so excited to share this look and never that i know that this #ootd suits the tittle. nah here you go, a lookbook together with my current "bad mood" story! lol sorry for that babbling though.. hey hey hopefully you love my new sneaker there which i got it at only RM10 from a flea market in JB, The Pasar Karat. Puas Hati Giler!

Jogger and Street fashion are obviously my thang. i feel utmost comfortable in this kinda style although sometimes i do need to transform into a swan as to meet some event's requirement but still my fully heart and soul is into pants and sneakers or sport shoes or atleast a flat. yup no heels!

Photographed by My Mom #MamaEton


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  1. babe i saw your post pasal yg guna yg video. selamba je amek without credit. i pun penah ade org amek gamba i masa fashion show ariani last year. i bengang tapi i x buat ape2. good for u to stand up for your work! <3 btw outfit u always tip topla, bad ass!


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