Sizzling Suzai X Andre Amir

Oh gosh this is my fav shot of us although the photo is not as good as it should be! huhu sayang sungguh! btw Andre Amir, an instablogger who blogs at , Malaysia well-known menstyle influencer (@AndreAmir) and a blogger buddy of mine. honestly, im not into mensfashion that much yet undeniable, i adore his smart and sleek style. err idk he got his own vibe though (Oh tolong jangan kembang sangat if you ever read this lol haha) 

Btw Andre is competing for the Esquire's Best Dressed Real Man 2016, an on-going online voting campaign. go and vote for him at i believe and again predicting that you gonna get this! well good luck Andreyyyy and yeah you own me thousand cups of coffee now! 


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