Sizzling Suzai X Khai Bahar

By Saturday, September 24, 2016

OK this post gonna be in rojak bahasa ya, pardon on my excitement! OMG OMG Finally i met Khai Bahar for real! HAHAHA yup im one of his fan, a die hard fan i called myself! OK truthfully excited giler kot bila dapat tau ada Khai kat event JFW hari tu then, watching his performing of "Sudah Ku Tahu" secara live is like a dream comes true. OMG sedap giler kot siapa yang bilang Khai Bahar nyanyi live tak sedap is just so dengki with him! hehehhe

yeah siting besides him giving me a chance to have a little chit chat OMG i was so cheesy lol HAHAHA to all the ladies, SILA JELES! K BYE!!



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