DAY 2 : Nurita Harith Eveningwear for #KLFWRTW2016

19.08.16 | DAY 2 : KLFW 2016 | Pavilion Kuala Lumpur

"Eveningwear inspired by Georgia Hamilton moved from a dreamy palette of blush pink to bolder maroon and burnt orange" Elle Malaysia

Nurita Harith kicked off her collection with an off-the-shoulder trend; reinterpreted in a dramatic gesture nonetheless. Overall, an alluring collection articulating women’s sensuality in the most flattering form of sophistication, Nurita Harith’s latest runway designs are quite a departure from the previous edgy, monochromatic collection back in 2015.
A mix of soft and strong hues dominated the runway and it was Nurita Harith’s very first, albeit successful attempt at applying that unique shade of burnt orange in the most elegant, complimenting manner least expected. Particularly striking was how satin was well manipulated into cohesive drapes and knots, a challenging technique given the delicate nature of the fabric. 

Personally, my utmost liking is the rich and shady maroon. anyhow, these three shades exude the feeling of lavishness and displaying opulent. the luxuriousness vibe is further being accentuated with the reflection of the satin material used. romantic draping detailing and off-shoulder are sensual enough in highlighting a women's silhouette. following the trending choker style, each garment comes with its own choker!  

Courtesy to FashionValet | Photographed by Fakroul Imtiyaz


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