DAY 4 : Kittie Yiyi for #KLFWRTW2016

20.08.16 | DAY 4 : KLFW 2016 | Pavilion Kuala Lumpur

"The designer impresses yet again with her signature quirkiness and whimsical designs, but with an added element of sophistication this time" Elle Malaysia

Heavy ruffles and merely inspired by the marine life, Kittie Yiyi klfw 2016 collection is displaying pastel and soft colours; baby blue, soft pink and light turquoise. even some of the garments comes with a marine creature patch or embroidery. clearly can see the fish and crab motif on above runaway look. well, my favourite piece is that mermaid look alike long dress lol i named it myself as mermaid suddenly popped up in my mind once the model struts the runaway! haha (1st photo at the center). well, overall this quirky collection is overloaded cuteness! 

I can't skip this one, honestly im also admiring the mensfashion collection. still sticking with the light blue, injection of pink and fishes! haha you know what? i'd like to meet her as ask why she chose fish as for this whole collection, any special reason?? lol

Courtesy of Elle Malaysia


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