Look #237 - H&M Studio A/W 2016 Women's

Cropped Sweater 249

Stripped Blazer 299

Embroidered Hoodie 499

Key trends for H&M Studio AW16 – female power and folkloric romance

H&M Studio for AW16 is an elevated collection of individual pieces rich in detail, from the precision of cut to the embroideries that appear throughout. Tailoring has oversized shoulders and a fitted waist, an hourglass shape which contrasts with Swedish folkloric influences in both silhouette and embellishment.  Meanwhile, long-sleeve draped dresses bring glamour and softness.

Beaded Earrings 119

Embroidered Blouse 499

Velvet Dress 399 (Front) | Embroidered Dress 599 (Back) | Floral Printed Bra 89.90 | Floral Printed Brief 49.90

Collection is available from 8 September 2016 at H&M Avenue K.

Photographed by YusfariqIqmal from NYZLifestyle.Com


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  1. The blazer is just soooooooo me babe n the first crop sweater is ahmazing tooooooooo!!! Wah must-make-more money kennnotttttttttt

    1. HHAHAHHAAH lets make more money yeah!! haha go and buy cpt oliz nanti habes!!


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