Look #235 - #OOTD #KLFW2016 DAY 5

Scarf from Brunei / Shirt from Primark London / Skirt from Fiziwoo / Coach Bag

Eventually, here is the finale outfit from the finale night of Kuala Lumpur Fashion Week 2016. boastfully, donning a piece from the previous Fiziwoo Raya collection for their show that evening. click here for the runaway show. well, that super gorgeous voluminous skirt is actually a bottom part that comes with a kurung top with the same pattern and material. never yet worn the top as i do need to send it to a tailor for minor alterations lol but yup, as expected, it turns my whole look here into a lavish and avant-garde outfit.

Rarely wearing blue or having this shade in my wardrobe surprised me that this hue is not bad though! i fancy the rich reflection from that silk scarf so much and how coincidentally that Coach bag suits the whole look. this is also one of my best lookbook which personally considering it as a favourite. nah what do you think about it? seriously?? does blue really made for me? haha coz i've never think of it before. thanks in advanced!


Photographed by my dear YusfariqIqmal


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  1. That skirt makes you look taller and gorgeous sistorr ngensot! Nice one :)

    1. tqsm sistor ngensot tp mungkin sbb angle camera bwh kot?? HAHAHHA


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