Wood And Steel @Subang Perdana

Wood & Steel Coffee | Furniture | Art
Section U3 Subang Perdana, Shah Alam, Selangor

Just officially opened on previous 15.03.2015 and this is the 3rd shop of W&S. Wow congratulation guys (despite who you are!) and shamefully admit that this was my very first time dining in W&S cafe LOL i am so much aware that the most famous one is in Kota Damansara and yeah, i've been passing the shop like almost everyday yet i just don't feel the urge to drop by. so, high courtesy should be given to my dear kakak sayang Kak Lina here for suggesting our date on that night at this new W&S cafe. 

Just sharing. specially dedicated to all the Kota Damansara clan, please be relief as despite this shop is much bigger, the address is not really reliable haha as this cafe is actually located at the road side of Sungai Buloh-Kota Damansara highway. once you passed the junction to SAAS Subang Airport (on your left), then you'll directly see the massive signboard of W&S from far away LOL

Club Sandwich RM12

Yeah lets talk about foods. please note that I DON'T FANCY sandwich and I HAVE NEVER FAN SUBWAY hahaha but i was on diet, hence only that sandwich seems a bit lighter for my late dinner. to my surprise, the bread is toasted perfectly, the ingredient the mayonnaise and whatever sauce that they put inside it are well-blended as it was not too sour or too sweet. again, it just perfect to my liking. and hey, that chili sauce for dipping is also good. errr how can you guys made this simple dish too perfect?? 

Coffee Latte RM10

Idk how to describe a coffee although i have it like 2 to 3 times per day! personally, my own favorable is creamy, not too strong (i don't like black coffee and mocha!) well the sweetness should be coming from the creamer not the sugar LOL and yup, they are all need to be in good balance. thus, this small cup was a bit strong and bitter for my taste buds yet it became 'perfect' after i poured extra sugar and extra hot water. hahaha then only, it is puuurfect! 

Red Velvet RM12

Fyi the main reason of pushing me to share this review is their foods were delectable! haha please IGNORE THE PRICE TAGS as not only the decoration is attractive yet they ensure that the taste worth your Ringgit! truthfully, ive heard so much compliments about this cafe beforehand and kak Lina claims that their best dish is the pasta. oh oh sure will make another visit soon yar! :)

Ambiance : 7/10
Food : 8/10
Price : 6/10 (its pricey but the taste worth your penny!)

Hey as a coffee addict, i do always wanted to share my own view. honestly, not really much since Starbucks is still my ultimate crush haha (the Frapp Caramel is just so incomparable!) yet i did pay a visit to few of them. be it in Malaysia or in those foreign countries. haha my main obstacle of the lacking list is money! huhu i need to do the saving REAL HARD since traveling as a hobby is not like shooting fish in the barrel LOL thus i come out with this idea 

You are most welcome to contact me for a CAFE REVIEW (around KL and Selangor is preferable) just drop me an email and we'll start conversating yar :)
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