Look #183 - Shine Bright Like A Gold

Satin Scarf / Uniqlo Basic Shirt / Sequin Kimono from Primark London / HM Pants / ALDO clog / Clutch from Indonesia / Klaus Kobec Watch

The event highlighted that the dressing code is "Melaram Tak Ingat" or something i could best translated as be glamorous from head-to-toe LOL hence, i remember that i own this sequin kimono that i bought at Primark which definitely suits the theme very well. not really sure but its cheap. if im not mistaken it was around £15 in which approximately RM84! hahahha it will only sounds cheap when in british pound currency LOL

Then, that pants is also a brand new item. the cutting is almost 'harem' that makes it very loose and absolutely comfortable. got at HM with only RM45 (as it was a sale item!). initially, i was quite hesitate to pair it with that clog yet i guess the result was not bad though. overall, i do receive lot of attention from that sequin ornament plus the metallic scarf and hey, thanks clog for steeping my height for another few inch! haha

Photographed by @ZayyZainuddin and Edited by SizzlingSuzai


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