30.05.15 i Lost My Grandmother

To Allah we belong and to HIM we shall return..


It was just on yesterday at 5:40pm, my embah (grandmother) has forever left us at the age of 97 years old (1918 - 2015). it was an undefinable feeling witnessing her very last breath when i just sat down besides her.... Embah, it feels like you were really waiting for me to arrive as i was whispering for you to wait while i was speeding up to see you kan ...............hmmmm sedihnya ......... she was my only grandmother left as both grandparents on my mom's side have already leaving us when i was a kid.

So, technically i was so much closer with embah and definitely, i LOVE her very very very very much! yet there is a relief sense inside of all of us (i believe!) to let her go since she was getting weaker and weaker and the worst i've seen was on the Friday's night when she was hardly breathing till the hands and body were shaking... sorry idk how to explain coz im no a doc yet i know that was incredibly hurting her so much! Ya Allah sedih tapi aku redha .... insyallah .... :')

Embah comel saya, its unbelievable that i can't see you anymore and i don't know how heart-broken my dad feels at this moment because he was like one of the closer child and he always encouraging me to ziarah embah since 3 years ago when she started to get weak. it was seriously devastating seeing the tears streaming down on my dad's face tadi ...... Ya Allah sedih sgt sgt ....

Bismillah. Ya Allah, kau ampunilah dosa-dosa Hjh Siti Zaharah Binti Hj Sidek, kau jauhkanlah azab kuburnya, kau lebarkanlah kuburnya. Ya Allah, kau tenangkan rohnya dan kau tempatkan lah Hjh Siti Zaharah Binti Hj Sidek bersama para solihin dan orang-orang yang kau kasihi. amin...

Adik Sayang Embah Selamanya...


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