Look #182 - A Weekend Look

HM Scarf / Uniqlo Basic Shirt / Topshop Jogger / Primark Bag / Vincci Sandal

Ultimate comfy is always my main goal. thanks to that jogger pants which i got all the way from Topshop UK at the Oxford, London during the visit. what a precious memory it holds?! when i saw it hanging at the rack, i just know that i need to own this pants. effortlessly cool, stylish and it can just be worn with any basic shirt, then ta-da you are so ready to be in the spotlight! hehe and well, that sandal is my wishlist. got at Vincci with only RM40 if im not mistaken. love it to the bottom of my heart. OK tomorrow is Monday, so Night peeps!

Photographed by Samsung Note 3 (explaining the poor quality of it!)


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