Look #185 - Roses Are Red

Satin Scarf / Forever21 Jacket and Ring / Maxi Dress and Clutch from Indonesia / Samsung Gear

Undeniably, i found that Red, Maroon or any hue that gradiently appeared from that same palette are made for me! apart of the main reason that it suits my skin tone very well, it do helps to slimmer my body a bit. don't ask me how but i guess experimenting is one of the way to find out what is your best colour. be brave and apply that 'trial and error' as it will also leads you to the bad colour which you shouldn't be wearing. to be fair, mine are Green, Purple and Pink (Auw!).

Well, i know that you are focusing on that maxi dress. Oh gosh, i love it from the bottom of my heart and never ever i'd regret purchasing it all the way from Padang, Indonesia on the last year vacation. the material is jersey, stretchable enough to be comfortable with and heavy enough to give that va-va-voom volume draped at the bottom part! Nah tell me what ya think? thanks for reading though :)

Photographed by @fkissteanah


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