Look #181 - Ada Cinta by Acha Septriasa ft Irwansyah

Scarf from Guangzhou / UNIQLO HeatTech / Cotton On Skirt 

Ucapkanlah kasih satu kata yang kunantikan
Sebab ku tak mampu membaca matamu mendengar bisikmu

Mengapa berat ungkapkan cinta sedangkan ia ada
Dalam renai hujan dalam terang bulan juga dalam sedu sedan

Mengapa sulit mengaku cinta padahal yang terasa
Dalam rindu dendam hening malam
Cinta terasa ada...

Salam Jumu'ah

yeah finally its weekend again! Alhamdulillah for the chance to still breathing healthily yet today was seriously messy and hmmmm kinda worst. well, outsiders always tend to expect that my life is full of colourful butterflies crawling around me whilst actually im facing up with my fears, with those negative ions and whatever-thing-that-kills-happiness each and every second throughout this unpredictable journey. indeed, life is not easy kan so just keep on smiling...  :')

Anyhow, that UNIQLO HeatTech innerwear is being worn as a shirt. the material is not really thick, its comfortable enough to be worn at night for a Malaysia's weather. haha yup please don't wear it during a bright shiny day because you are sure gonna choke up as it is actually comes with a round neck! lol Thanks for reading and visiting though. have a pleasurable weekend yar.  :')

Photographed by LinaYangJelita


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