Beautiful People I Met at FashionValet Fashion Show 2015

both my IG dearest JueAshburn and Lea_Azlan looking sooo marvelously gorgeous!
my kesayangan Sabbeeyyy Puriiiiii hehe and smoking hot mommyy, Adriani :)
with my kesayangan juga ni Yusfariq and Mr Daus 
the old blogger friend sejak zaman dolu2 Ifa and her friend, Maya
beautiful Doc, Lea. memang sangat cantik, sopan and sgt lah soft-spokennya. til we meet again yar  :)
Fashion guru, Kak Zai :) 
my pretty cousie Pearl @fkissteanah, my babes Sya and Zayy the bass! hehe 
and finally, the lady boss. Vivy Yusof who is aways nice. keep on being that 'nice' dear :)

Consequently from the previous #FVRaya fashion show blogpost here, this is the part of me sharing my beautiful moments with some of these beautiful people. hey there are few more but let it just stay firmly on the instagram since some of the shots are taken via my phone. yup please FOLLOW my IG @sizzlingsuzai if you haven't because i solemnly sharing all my blogging events lively in there. thanks guys for keep on visiting and reading. till then! :)


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