Bollywood Superstar Kareena Kapoor Khan Launched Malabar Gold and Diamonds Malaysia 1st Store

Kareena Kapoor Khan looking absolutely stunning in the Anamika Khanna collection
Kareena admits that her favourite jewellery is always a diamonds or anything gifetd with diamonds. haha since diamonds are women's bestfriend naaa :)
and her upcoming movie is with the dear Salman Khan, Bajrangi Bhaijaan 2015
simply beautiful :)

10.05.2015 | Jalan Masjid India, Malaysia

Bollywood actress, Kareena Kapoor Khan inaugurated Malabar Gold & Diamonds first showroom in Malaysia on the last 10th May 2015 in the presence of the Mr MP Ahammed - Chairman MG, Mr Shamlal Ahamed MP - Managing Director of International Operations, Mr Abdul Salam KP - Group Executive Director, other directors and fellow media. the actress officially launched the grand opening of this 133rd retail outlet which marks its presence in 9 countries inclusive across India, middle east, far east as well as 3 stores just in Singapore.

Malabar Gold & Diamonds is established in 1993 in India. HQ is in Kerala, India and successful spreading over 9 countries; 77 stores across India and 56 outlets across middle east and far east. as mentioned during the press conference, they are looking forward to sneak into the Europe countries which London would be their first target.

The exclusive collection are Ethnix (handcrafted designer jewellery), Era (Uncut Diamond Jewellery), Mine (Diamond Unlimited), Divine (Indian Heritage Jewellery), Precia (Precious Ge Jewellery) and Starlet (Kids Jewellery) which are available in this showroom.

'The Great Gold Rush' campaign is on-going until 30th June 2015. the customer who purchase jewellery from any of their outlets has the opportunity to win a whopping 25 kilos if gold. spend RM500 and get the chance to enter raffle draw to win 1/2kg of gold each in 2 raffle draws. customer also avail to receive a free 1gram gold coin for every RM2,500 spent on diamond jewellery.

Exclusive, the 1st Malabar store in Jalan Masjid India, Kuala Lumpur. courtesy of Kak Ela
the crowd of the evening!
Kareena talked to her fans friendly and goshhh she is super nice and humble! love you Bebo!  
the fans gone craazeey when Kareena claims that her craziest fans is from Malaysian!! hehe
with my blogger buddies; Kak Ela Sabby Prue and we're missing Innanie in here
the fans showing their support to both Kareena and her best buddy, Mr Salman Khan. follow @biggsalmankhanfanshouse and @kareenakapoorupdates the FC :)
HAHA goshh i do also feel like a dream seeing and talking to Kareena for real! yup imma BIG FAN of Bollywood too! hahaha

Honestly, apart of my job to cover the event HAHAHA i was extremely anticipated to finally met Kareena Kapoor who i've been watched all the films since the day she debuted with Refugee, Mujhe Kuch Kehna Hai and Ajnaabe and so-on-and-so-forth! well who doesn't fan her?? she is exotically gorgeous, the most talented actress in the B-world as she acts and dances perfectly and hey, i am so much envy of looking at her bodylicious curve!! omggg undeniable, she is sooooo tall and slander and again, as beautiful as what you've seen in those films. no cheating! lol 

Fans, please know that she doesn't own any account of IG or FB as she believe that she doesn't need to clarify things on social media because she knows that her fans are fighting for her here hence, please follow @kareenakapoorupdates to keep update of Kareena Kapoor Khan.

Thanks for the visiting though. syukriya. maina bahot khushiyon ho LOL XD


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  1. seronoknya..seksi dan cantik sangat Kareena Kapoor

  2. woot woot. Banyaknye grand opening you pegi!

  3. How awesome getting to meet Kareena Kapoor... and I agree.. we Malaysians are the ones who are the most "over" at times.... hahahah... thus crazy... LOL


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