Look #135 - Fly Me Away

Mango Inner Shirt & Aviator / Unbranded Kimono Cardigan / Cotton On Skirt

It was quite windy on that day but i have no complaint on it. furthermore, i need to be thankful as it made those above shots look super awesome. love how those light clothes, the scarf, that outerwear and the skirt being flown away without me manage to control over it anymore. haha

Not really much on the outfit. so, the location was in Port Dickson, Negeri Sembilan which could be consider as my buddies's favourite spot now. we kept on spending our time there and this was taken on our second visit in which on just last week, we have already went there for the 3rd time just for a picnic! "^^

yup, these are some of my beloved #GengAnehAneh. love being around with these crazy people who made crazy jokes which possibly makes my everyday brighter and greater! thanks guys for being around and we are such a great groupies. stick friend and love ya so much. :)

Hey i'm going to have another beauty GIVEAWAY. stay tune!!


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