Look #136 - Modest Street Style

Scarf from Guangzhou / Forever21 Sweater / Bershka Jeans / Bag and Boot from Bandung

This look is absolutely resembling me. easy, effortlessly cool and i must said a bit boyish. although it just actually a cozy sweater, a pair of jeans and a boot but each of these items played its roll very well.

That sweater with the bold statement of gold lines is my love at the first sight. i was not being distracted by the price tag anymore, just grab and paid! and yup, it was already being worn in here too.

Not intention of rambling on the others as all are being repeated over and over again. i was actually looking for another backpack but couldn't find the right one yet. anyhow, love both of the bag and boot so much and seriously it was among the best items that i have purchased.

Thanks for reading and hey, the {GIVEAWAY} CIATE CAVIAR MENICURE is still on going and i'm thinking of closing it very very soon. hehe so, hurry up if you wanna win that gorgeous box as perhaps, you could be one of the lucky one.  :)

Location is Jam Gadang, Padang Indonesia. Photographed by Mom and Edited by SizzlingSuzai.


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