Avon Beauty Day Out with Avon Malaysia - Part 1

nice setup. feeling feeling gorgeous already :D
work hard and play hard coz later need to blog hard lol 
some of the daily routine collection from Avon
that Avon Instinct is seriously a nice one!
Anew 360 White Avon new skincare line
 excitedly introducing myself :P
 Elaine, the prettiest MC from Avon
Girls, we just wanna have fun. yup we did!
Rose hosting this part 1 of skincare regime.
yup, i am 20 yo! hahaha
 these are all mine. so, lets start!
#1 - remove any balance of the last night makeup first. haha yup i came with bare face already lorh
#2 - wash out all teh dirt using Anew 360 White Illuminating Cleanser
#3 - Arghhh bare with my darker skin tone as i was just coming back from Krabi huhu =( now, refresh your skin with  Anew 360 White Illuminating Toner. 
 #4 - hehe this is the coolest part! chillax with the Anew 360 White Dual Treatment Mask
 #5 - Again, excuse my dull skin tone =( anyhow, i do feeling fresh although peel the mask after 5 minutes only. so, now applying the Anew 360 White Intensive Serum
#6 - finally put on the Anew 360 White Day Cream with SPF 20
yup, we're done! :)
hehe please continue on the 2nd part, its time to play with makeup!

Event: Avon Beauty Day Out
Date: 17.5.14
Venue: The Royale Chulan Damansara

As not a hardcore beauty junkies, this was my first time and such a great experience! hehe thanks kak Ruby for including my name in the invite. it was actually a special blogger day with Avon Malaysia. aiming to introduce and getting more familiar with their new Anew 360 White collection and Over Nature Collection.

So, this first part is the story-mory of the Anew 360 White skincare collection. the step-by-step is shown above and more details of the products are as below:

·         360° White Illuminating Cleanser 125g – RM32.90 (S&S RM37.85)
·         360° White Illuminating Toner 100ml – RM36.90 (S&S RM42.45)
·         360° White Day Cream SPF20/PA++ 30g – RM63.90 (S&S RM73.50)
·         360° White Night Cream 30g – RM63.90 (S&S RM73.50)
·         360° White Ultra UV Shield SPA 50/PA++ 30g – RM55.90 (S&S RM64.30)

Yup, you can get any of the item at any of the Avon outlet nearest to your place. or you can also visit Avon Malaysia official page in here. please continue on the 2nd part soon yar.

Thanks all! :)

Avon Beauty Day Out with Avon Malaysia - Part 2


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  1. wahhh, dah publish dah pasal avon day out. hehe. Hi saya Iday. hehehe

  2. wahhh, dah publish dah pasal avon day out. hehe. Hi saya Iday. hehehe

  3. seems like fun <3 I do not use Avon but the decoration in your pictures are soo lovely !




  4. Weweeettt... hai makwe avon hehehe

    Bestkan cuci2 n makeup makeup muka
    Nice to know u sis..


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