[Review] Brick Mansions 2014

An action movie is always not my choice, it was obviously made and paid by others. haha err tqsm :) but anyhow, i do agree to see this one as the late Paul Walker was there. hmmm..kinda tribute to him by seeing his last film, perhaps? so, went to watch it without knowing the basic story of it or not even checking the trailer beforehand are no effect at all as the plot is really simple and understandable lorh.

Basically, it story about an abandoned Brick Mansions which believe housing dangerous criminals. Paul acts as cop, Damien partnering with Lino who girlfriend has been kidnapped by a drug kingpin, Tremaine. they're both struggling entering the Brick Mansions and fighting against Tremaine and at the end.....tutt tutt tutt go and watch it by yourself peeps! =P

So, my verdict is the film is undeniably full with actions, nice stunts and involving parkour arts! yup imma fan tho. personally, i think that is the main element which makes the movie alive and exciting. well, the story initiated with the parkour scene perfectly acted by David which took almost err 5 minutes in duration and which is super awesome too! yup, i just googled that David Belle is actually a film choreographer, stunt coordinator and opps ohh the parkour FOUNDER also lorh. oh ok!!

Then, please do not expected any parkour act from Paul as obviously, his job is only run, shoot and fight lah. haha but stay cool and goshhhh so handsome! i must said that some action scenes are quite overemphasis and perhaps, that two heroes here will never get hurt or shoot even being chased by a gang of Tremaine people. LOL yet its still so exciting to watch.

My rank would be 3 out 5. thanks for reading tho. :)


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