Look #137 - Bunga Bunga Cinta

By Saturday, May 17, 2014 ,

Scarf from Guangzhou / Unbranded Kimono Cardigan / Bershka Jeans / 
Mango Aviator / Bag and Boot from Bandung / Samsung Galaxy Gear

What a tittle? LOL hahaha sorry as i just couldn't think of any besides that such a cheesy one. well, that same kimono cardigan already being worn in here. got at a bazaar with only RM35 and i do love it to the max!

Honestly, still looking for more kimono cardigan with such price but honestly, its not easy. i guess need to hunt those weekend bazaar like in ttdi and bunch of others which you could see the separate in your IG. bersepah kot! so ladies, save and be alert.

Thanks lovely readers and visitors. keep on supporting and i will keep on updating. hehe and yup, you are most welcome to join my on-going  {GIVEAWAY} CIATE CAVIAR MENICURE :)

Photographed by Mom and Edited by SizzlingSuzai.


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  1. hi pretty! love your blog so much. Your cool and chic fashion is awesome..those boots were gorgeous!!! ^^


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