Avon Beauty Day Out with Avon Malaysia - Part 2

A group photo is a must! :)
so, this is the Avon Over Nature Collection. does they look tempting enough? 
here is the main lead, arising make-up artist Najeeb Azami :)
wish i could have this hehe now, lets start creating a DAY look!
initiate with the BB cream. very very nice!
hiding all the imperfection with concealer stick. tak bole bolat lagi muke ni =.=
then, simply applying powder
the eyeshadow palette Ocean Flower is for a DAY look.
i do always seek the YouTube for the eyeshadow tutorial :)
mascara is the most important gist in every makeup routine
i'm still learning on the best way to draw the eyebrow huhu  =.=
beautiful packaging and lipstick collection; Wild Rose and Pink Lily
pretty lips will make you look prettier...Ahakksss! hahaha
with the man, thanks Najeeb :)
with Kelly and Kak Nora :)
with Adek Fana kitew :)
the other bloggers. it was nice meeting all of you dearest :)
the generous goodies from Avon!
now, the finish look...errr haha kasi pose manja satu!

Event: Avon Beauty Day Out
Date: 17.5.14
Venue: The Royale Chulan Damansara

Sequencing from the previous part, this second one is concentrating on the makeup routine. guided and demonstrated by the talented and arising makeup artist, Mr Najeeb Azami for almost 1 hour. sharing his knowledge using the new collection from AVON Over Nature Collection to create a DAY look.

Yup, i was having so much of fun from the beginning till this second session. hehe especially on the tips of drawing the eyebrow lol. thanks a lot Najeeb, a very useful one. oh, we all do LOVE Avon BB cream, well blended on the skin and simple the best one!

Yup, you can get any of those items at any of the Avon outlet nearest to your place. or you can also visit Avon Malaysia official page in here. please go to the 1st part if you haven't yet.

Finally, thanks all! :)

Avon Beauty Day Out with Avon Malaysia - Part 1


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