H&M Home in Malaysia - First in South East Asia

By Thursday, May 15, 2014 ,


H&M is proud to announce that H&M Home will be available in Malaysia starting end of this July 2014, the first country to be selling H&M Home in South East Asia. The Home range brings H&M’s sense of fashion and fun to interiors, with an ever-evolving seasonal selection of products for every room of the house.

Since its launch in 2009, H&M Home has brought fashion to the modern home, with everything from household essentials to decorative touches. Designed in-house by H&M Home’s Head of Design, Evelina Kravaev S√∂derberg and her team, there is always something to brighten up any room in the house. Add a touch of warmth to bedrooms with luxurious bed linens and decorate bathrooms with extensive range of towels and bathmats.   

H&M Home will be first available at the Avenue K store, Kuala Lumpur. So, be prepared to decor your home with H&M Home for this coming Raya...oH oH not just clothes, now your home is also wearing H&M. hehe very the fabulous!! =D

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  1. woahh..best ni..bersaing dgn Ikea ..hehe

  2. wah....mmg hari2 la pegi nampaknya ni...


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