Speed ( 스피드) - Look At Me Now

It was a while that i was not updating my latest KPOP addiction. haha hello i'm not retiring yet, still following and still obsessing listening to it. they are even keep on growing and getting more aggressive as lot of new comers are debuting like mushrooms. everybody wanna be famous lorh.

Anyhow, this male group is quite new but now classify as one of the KPOP Idol group already! debuted in 2011 with the hit song and my favourite, 'Pain'. yup, knowing them since that moment and they keep on going with another great single, 'Don't Tease Me' and now, this latest one is really caught my heart and soul.

PLAY the official MV here which portraying their killer choreography perfectly!

For sho, love the song and seriously, this dance routine is just too perfect! very sharp and the synchronization between the members are just amazingly awesome. therefore, it made this comeback tooooooooo DAEBAK! Hwaiting SPEED and Taewoon, SARANGHAEYO! lol

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