Malaysia's Largest Clothes Buffet 2014 (Review)

On the last Saturday, i was invited to be part of this Malaysia's Largest Clothes Buffet 2014. well, i do concern that this event was also being held on the last year. however, only got the chance to experience on this year. thanks a lot dear Isabel. :)

Lot of my dear friends already came on the day before and some other were just not coming on the same exact time. luckily, i met Kakak Ruby ku cayang, yeahhhhhh terus excited ada geng nak shopping!! =D

OK let me just define the event as i guess this is quite unfamiliar with lot of us right? hehe so, started with a registration. need to buy the ziplock bag with only RM60 which later you can take as how much as you could!

then, they will divided you into batches, like 10 shoppers per round? indeed, this is a very good one because we gonna play fair and square as everybody got the chance to dig the buffet comfortably. that 6 storage which overloaded with clothes were just simply surprising and yup, its ALL NEW CLOTHES! :)

So, my turn was at 11:40 am and when we were about to start, the digital timer was also ready to count that 15 minutes as T&C. lol. personally, the 15 minutes is just nice for me to dig, pick and finally fold the 'lucky' clothes into that ziplock bag. well, if you can zip it, you can keep it! :)

hehe nothing much, only managed to get this 5 clothes but hey, it is more than worthy! see see i got 1 blazer, 1 wool cardigan (took 2/4 of the space lol), 2 tops and 1 peplum. i'm kinda scared that the ziplock will koyak as if your bag is tear, no refund and NO CLOTHES AT ALL! errr so, i guess i was tooooo careful lorh.

Anyhow, this event was freaking cool! loving the concepts so much and really hope that it gonna also happen on the next year. cross your finger shoppers. thanks all! :)


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  1. Malaysia's Largest Clothes Buffet..??? menarik nyer.. baju2 yangdapat tu memang sangat berbaloi :D

    Salam kenal :D


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