Look #90 - Pretty in Purple?

Unbranded satin scarf / Caftan stole from my mom's wardrobe / 
F21 ring / Topshop chained-clutch

Honestly, i was never wearing any purple before as i just don't feel like purple is made for my 'exotic' skin colour. hahaha..plus i don't fancy this hue as much as others. so, thanks a lot to the Brands Innershine Launching event that required me to wear the themed colour of the night!

Then, as mentioned this gorgeous caftan is being stole from my mom's wardrobe since i don't own any purplish items lol. yup, not even a tee! so, i was a bit worried at first when knowing that the night's theme is purple fuuhhhhh...therefore, thanks a lot to my mom for being the rescue. hehe

Sure, i love the lavish look so much. the detailing is not really fancy but the light and flowy material is making the wearer feels absolutely comfortable and gorgeous! i don't really remember where my mom got this garment but i think it was a tailor made lor. haha..so, copy the image and make one for you lor.

Oh, the brand-new clutch is one of my first item of Topshop. yup, i'm being honest in here wherein i've never shopped in Topshop before as i always feel like the price tags are quite pricey for my affordability. haha..please know that i'm a shoplifter who is quite stingy. so, got this with a 20% reduction! haha..neway, thanks dearest for visiting, reading and commenting in here. bow.

photographed by dear SyafiqahHashim. ;)


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  1. Comel jea Cik Sizzling Suzai... (^_^)
    Pasni blehla cari collection Purle plak kn?... he3

  2. can i choose pretty in pink? hahahaha..larikkk! :P

  3. cantik la suzai....padan jer bju kaftan tu dgn awk....n warna purple tu plk bt kulit awk jd lg cerah...nmpak ceria mcm hari raya plk

  4. Cantiknya! So nice. So ayu. So feminine. Like always dear :)


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