Look #91 - My Comfort Zone.

F block scarf / F21 sweatshirt / Diesel jeans / 
Unbranded bag & shoes from Bandung.

I bet everybody has their own comfort zone which they're feeling utmost comfy and cozy in certain outfit. some of you might opt for a feminine maxi dress or a light-and-easy palazzo pants. well, for me jeans is my all-time favourite! oh, i just can't rid of it yet and obviously, this is the exact same jeans which i've been wearing over and over again! =.=

Accessories, well i don't hate them but i'm not really into it. repeatedly saying that my fav is ring. be it as bulky as stone or as tiny as i wore in the pic (haha cannot really see it as i claimed it is tiny! haha). so specifically, the trend is called as multi-tiny-rings. oh, admittedly i just couldn't walk out from the door without atleast one ring on my finger.

Btw, these were taken at the recent visit at Genting Highlands for the K-pop Dream Concert which i'm not updating about it yet. Ohh, too busy chasing the deadline for other posts. yup, sure will write bout it within this week.....

Photographed by my mom & edited by me.  ;)


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  1. Love the sweater! And your hijab and bag color too :D
    So jeans is your favorite and comfy one, mine is skirt :D

    visit my little cream button♥ instagram♥ | bloglovin♥

  2. tqsm dear...looks as i said ppl r differ haha..i dont even know why skirts r not mine..huhu maybe sbb i xfminine sgt in terms of d atttitude lor.. ;P

  3. bag lawa tudung cantik dan semua lawa-lawa..hehe

  4. lain muka akak pakai tudung mcm ni..comel!! org mesti ckp akak budak skolah lagi..argghhhh, jeles nyaaa..


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