NN Awana Genting Hotel, KPOP Dream Concert 2013 & Theme Park Passes

DAY 1 - Checked-in at the Awana Genting Highlands Golf & Country Resort

This gonna be like a little diary of the Nuffnang Blogger Day at Genting Highlands. Haiyooo im sorry as i've been postponing this entry for already a month lor. mianhae-yeo! anyhow, still so excited over this VIP treats for us the lucky 16 bloggers and a very memorable one indeed.

yup, that is the given room for each blogger with the partner. so, i went along with my mom and obviously we conquered the two queen beds for that one night stay which is super cozy and super flattering!

fyi, although the hotel is located down at the middle of the highland but the service in providing the shuttle buses climbing up the main highland is perfectly convenience. yup, no need to worry about the transportation at all as the bus provided is being scheduled for 30 minutes in gap!

Coziness & Ambiance = Good , Food = Good, Overall Experience = Great! So, lets choose Awana Genting Highlands Golf & Country Resort for the next stay at Genting Highlands yar. ;)

   DAY 1 - KPOP Dream Concert 2013 Live in Malaysia

OMO! OMO! OMO! this was actually the main part of why i was at the Genting Highlands on the last 24th May 2013. yup, i've been to the recent KPOP Dream Concert 2013 Live in Malaysia which i won the ROCK PIT tickets worth of RM 699/each from the dearest Nuffnang! hey, it was seriously and extremely GILER for a KPOP-die-hard fan like me lorh~ Arghhh..just envy those shots here.
The beauty pigeon of SISTAR. each member were extremely friendly, they even took the Polaroid from the fans and captured themselves. OMO love the girls so much!! the very cool of Soyou, the non-stop sweetly smiling & the most powerful vocal of Hyeorin, the very cute & happy magnae of Bora & lastly, the really pretty of Dasom, saranghae-yeo!! more photo is coming soon.
its time for 4Minute. omo, i fan them since the debut of the 'Hot Issue'! all the members were very active and performing their very best! hahaha.. plz believe that 4Minute's Hyuna even made the 'sarang' specially for me lor. ;D she was seriously friendly and cool although she is globally famous right. Go Hyuna Go! more photo is coming soon
nobody is hotter than G.Na! love her vocal, dance, attitude & Auww the sexiness! she is undeniably talented singing all my fav songs of hers and yup, a very tall one indeed~ ;) more photo is coming soon
Brown Eyed Girls (BEGs) is a great vocal group, no offence! love them since 'My Style' and even more when they come back with the hot ABRACADABRA song. yup, they killed stage with their fires & hotnesses. anyhow, a complaint about Narsha, she was not attract with the fans at all! so, i USED to fan her. ;'( more photo is coming soon
hehe..starting to fan the BTOB and hey, they performed my fav song, 'Insane'! some of the boys were attracting with the fans and 2 of them were trying to act cool but it was OVER-cool. hmm..btw my fav member is the happy leader, Eun Kwang. hehe..he kept looking at me lorh~ ;D  more photo is coming soon
having fun with JooYoo & JunHui. ok they are not sibling of Jun. hehe

Yeeahhh finally met my favourite girl groups; SISTAR 4Minute BEGs G.Na & BTOB for real! OMG it was like a dream comes true since i've been following their updates and watching their performances all this time along. again, jeongmal KAMSAHAMIDA to the dearest Nuffnang for the winning tix and yeahhh sure will share more photos of them in the next separated entries soon. hahahhaa...sorry for the not-a-fan, just skip those lorh~ ;D

DAY 2 - Nutritious Breakfast at the Restaurant Rajawali, Awana Genting Hotel.

Started the 2nd day with the wide variety of breakfast choices which was sponsored together with the room. Oh, i was feeling super flattering with the treat. thanks Nuffnang and Resort World Genting for all the free thingies! 

DAY 2 - Genting Theme Park Passes & STINGER Ride

launching the new ride, STINGER!

yup, we're even getting two passes for the Genting outdoor & indoor parks. Awesome kn?! besides, the fact that we're launching the new ride called as STINGER. check the full story here

honestly, i was so glad winning this event since it was an opportunity for me to spend some quality times with my beloved mom. tehee..although that day Genting Highlands's weather is hotter than ever, i was sweating like hell~

hahaha..nevertheless, hugs & kisses goes to both Nuffnang and the Resort World Genting for sponsoring our short stay at the Awana Hotel as well as the tix of the memorable KPOP Dream Concert!! *bow*


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