NN Bloggers Launched The New STINGER Ride @Genting Theme Park

me & my dearest mom..ready
on your mark..
get set..
done and totally fun!! ;)
 double checked!

Event: STINGER Ride Launched at Genting Theme Park
Date: 25th May 2013
Venue: Outdoor Genting Theme Park

Hey, do you know that Genting Theme Park has recently launched a new ride called as STINGER?? well, i am too proud to claim that me and my mom were among the first person who rode on the STINGER and launched the ride to the public!!

As in the photo, riding the STINGER requires you to wear the provided 'rain coat' since you will get wet, i meant REALLY wet! STINGER is like the water ride that you used to play in the water theme park but right now, you can simply experience it at the Genting Highlands outdoor theme park!

The thrill is assuredly the exciting slider and the water-splashing you got once you sliding along it by using the cutie STINGER boat. one boat can fit 2 adults and make sure that you choose the front seat as it is more thrilling and more crazeyyy!! ;)

from left; Nisa kay, my mom, me, zaid & uzair
from left; trixia, cheechingy & me
Darren enjoying his day-off duty? ;P haha
the nice TriXia..haiyakk am i correct spelling ur name dear?
from left; TriXia, my mom, Cheechingy, me, JoonYoo

Wohoooo...it was seriously a VIP treat for us when we were given the permission to cut the long queue and made ourselves comfortably preparing to get wet Err..., photographing and finally trying out the STINGER. thanks Nuffnang and tons of kisses to the Resort World Genting..Muuaaahh3x!!

This brand-new STINGER is actually replacing an old attraction (if you notice it is in front of the famous swing and the Merry-go-round!) as for the improvement and betterment of the whole park. yup, absolutely agree with the idea since this ride is seamlessly refreshing and definitely a MUST-TRY one!

Well, this is not the end of this 'Nuffnang Blogger Day at the Genting Highlands' as we were actually won the KPOP Dream Concert on the night before which was superrrrr duperrrrr AWESOME and yet very memorable for a KPOP die-hard-fan like me! 

Wohooooo...don't get jealous lor as i have met 4Minute, G.Na, SISTAR, Brown Eyed Girls & BTOB for real!!!! CLICK HERE for KPOP Dream Concert 2013 Live in Malaysia full update...

anyhow, thanks for reading yo.  ;)


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  1. woww, bestnyaaa!! daren pun ada..teehee...

  2. Aigoo Noona!
    My name is either Jun-yu or Joonyoo lahh.. hahaha
    Prefer if you put JYJoonYoo XD


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