Look #92 - The Colour Blocking Boyfriend Cardigan [TCBBC]

F block scarf / F21 inner top / I.T boyfriend cardigan from HK / 
Diesel jeans / Unbranded bag & shoes from Bandung

Undeniably, i always wanted to own one piece of boyfriend cardigan but never found one that could attract my interest. so, finally got this colour blocking cardi at the I.T outlet in Hong Kong during my recent visit there. it is no cheap at all although the shop is an outlet branch. the price is for the least that i could recall is RM100++ after converted to Ringgit Malaysia.

Admittedly, i have never heard about the brand's name before but i believe that it is well-known to the local people (HK-rians) since everybody who's coming to the Citygate Outlet Mall is walking out with the I.T shopping bag on the hands. Err..feeling too proud at the moment. hahaha

Rambling more about the effortlessly cool cardigan. Oh, i do adore the colour so much besides the fact that yellow is my forever favourite lor. then, the colour blocking combo of yellow with purple is just too awesome to deny although again, i don't really agree with the price tag. hehehe..but still you bought it Suzai!  =.=

OK then, i'm so much happy here as i got the chance to capture my outfit look and share it with you. will do it more often in the future as i will go abroad on this coming weekends. Woohoooo another holidaysss!!!

last word; TGIF!!!

photographed by my mom. ;)


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  1. boyfie cardigan tu!! hehee..
    tak leh blah tgok gmbr akak yang ada mamat tgh lepak duk atas kerusi tu..nyibok je lah..org nak snap picture dia pun nak posing..aishhh...

  2. boyfren cardigan....? oh! sungguh ketinggalan sy...tak tau pun ada bf cardigan...huh! T_T


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