Dove Body Wash Nutrium Moisture™ Blogger Day

Event: New Dove with Nutrium Moisture™ Blogger Day
Host: Chermain Poo
Date: 15th June 2013
Venue: Food Studio@Amarin Kiara, KL

Credit this invitation to the dear Dove for recognize this so infamous blog and me! Oh, i was super flattering to receive such invitation and the more is to be one of the first who reviewing the new product, Dove Body Wash With NutriumMoisture™ !! muahhhhh3x!
This so-called new Dove Body Wash With NutriumMoisture™ is specially invented to wash while nourish skin deep down to 20 layers of the epidermis in your skin! now, whats the differ between your regular non-nourishing body wash with this Dove Body Wash With NutriumMoisture™ ?? 

Without a proper or enough moisturizers, your skin can lead up to the unwanted dryness/ irritation/tightness/redness or whatever the scary effects that all the women are scared of! so, instead of you need to apply another layer of moisturizer cream, just use this Dove Body Wash With NutriumMoisture™ while you're taking the day & night bath and ta-da you've done! :)

I also took the opportunity to test out my own skin's moisturizer level before & after using the Dove Body Wash With NutriumMoisture™ . the result was surprising as BEFORE is 39.30% and AFTER is 52.40%. yup, just washing it by using the Dove Body Wash With NutriumMoisture™ !!

Personally, Dove Body Wash With NutriumMoisture™ is very soft and milky! oh, i do adore the scent so much as it is extremely pleasant to smell it while enjoying your bath and in the same time its moiturising your skin? oh, what more can i ask lor. so, try it peeps!!

Well basically, the full itinerary of the day is we were having a healthy cooking class by Chef Paul from the Food Studio. the purpose is to teach us on how to care the health of the skin inside and outside. Woww..a very thoughtful one! hehe


Yup, i was enjoying the day so much as i love cooking though. so, we were being separated into 3 groups which are; appetizer, main course & desert and mine is the main actor of the day, the salmon fish! sure, will share the full recipe in the next entry yarr...specially thanks to Mr. Paul for being a great teacher of the day! ^^
with ahkak Lily from ciklilyputih yg byk kali jmpe tp baru je kenal..hehehe 
with gadis-gadis cantik; Anis Athia / Ida / Ina / me / Fatin
lein sgt die ni bile jumpe for real, softer and sweeter fatin Suhana ;)
the pretty twin; ida and ina. nice meeting you girls! ^^
with my dear ShafiqahHashim as usual~ ;)

Well hopefully those photos already resembling how much i was having fun meeting and mingling with all the beautiful bloggers. they are all seriously friendly and fun to be with and yup, GORGEOUS too! ;)

Apart from the photo, there are some more pretty ladies that i'd like you guys to know. they are Caroline, Swee San, Frankie, Choo Mei Sze, kak illy Arifin, etc etc etc haha and well, not to forget the pretty host who looks just like a beauty pigeon representing Malaysia, Chermain Poo!! till then, again hugs and kisses to Dove for this great experiences!

credit photo me-in-action to lovely Mei Yin. tq soooo sooo much dearest! ^^

p/s: hey, i'm off to Chiang Mai. Daa...!!!! ;D


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  1. Hello dearie!! Whoaa I was trying to search for ur blog the other day! hahaha nice meeting u once again and hopefully there'll be more chance to meet u again in the future events! :D

  2. Nice pictures my dear <3 seronok dapat jumpe you!!

  3. lawa-lawa gambar akak! suka suka
    nnti kita jumpa lagi :D

  4. kurus okeh...(berapa kali dah tegur) and yet i'm looking forward for your Salmon's recipe...

  5. girls--> tq sooo much n yup hope to meet u guys again n again in d future lorh ;)

  6. kak ogosh--> alohhhh xd lah kak i kn PHOTO-gedik so dlm gmbo sumenyerr indah belaka! hahahhaha yup sure will share nntikan yer ;)

  7. Of course i remembered you ... You cooked the onion right ?' LOL ~~~ Joking !!! Nice to meet you and hope to see you at other event !!! xoxo

  8. Cantiknye gambar! dan nice program. Bestnye pergi program macam ni.. Nak join jugak :)


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