[Review] THE HEAT (2013)


Premier screening a day before the local showtime, THANKS a lot to the awesome Nuffnang for the passes although that night was a tiring one! thank God i made it because THE HEAT is absolutely one of a great movie i've ever watched!

Now, it directed by Paul Feig (Bridesmaids 2011) and leads by two big names who are very known with the zany and cheeky character in every movie. still remember Sandra Bullock in The Proposal and Melissa McCarthy from the Bridesmaids? yup, both are being hitched into one, THE HEAT!

Sandra Bullock roles as a special FBI agent named as Sarah Ashburn, a very arrogant, uptight, boring, follow-the-rules and a lonely one. whilst, McCarthy is playing a Boston Cop, Shannon Mullins who is an extremely foul-mouthed, saucy and assuredly never-follow-the-rules but a good-hearted one.

Obviously, they hate each other and very competitive in chasing the ruthless drug lord, the mysterious Larkin. yup, they need to cooperate with each other since Sarah got all the access to the confidential FBI information and nobody ever know Boston except Mullins. here is the starting of all the crazey and funney scenes!


First of all, i should 100% claimed that this is definitely a COMEDY type of movie! undeniable, the rank of the zany scenes is 4.9 out 5. seriously hilarious and they won't even allow you to breath for a minute and you will sure dying from laughing!

Well honestly, the jokes are strictly for the age of 18 and above since the script is fully using those inappropriate words such as the 'F' word and blah-blah-blah. so peeps, just be open-minded, understood all the baddasssss jokes here and there and just ready to kill your stomach then.

yup, this time i don't know how to describe the funniest scenes as lot of them are making me LOL. hmm..still remember the F scene at the meeting room and the pale Albino!! hahhaa..yup should watch it by yourself bebeh~ so, book your coming weekend and be ready to be........

yar yar....this is what i meant!  =.=

HAHAHA...yup, a great movie to kill your stressful working weekdays indeed. overall rank is obviously 4.85 out 5.0 since i feel like wanna re-watch it again lor~ gain muuahhh3x to Nuffnang and thanks for reading though. ;)


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  1. sounds great! boleh la tengok after anis exam nanti.. hehehe


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