BRAND’S ® InnerShine Plus Camu Camu launched together with Izara Aishah

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Event: Launching of BRAND’S ® InnerShine Plus Camu Camu
Date: 4th June 2013
Venue: Grand Millennium Hotel, K.L

On just yesterday, i was invited by the dearest Nuffnang together with the Brand's Innershine to the launching event of the all-new InnerShine® Prune Essence plus Camu Camu. bunch of kisses for the lovely invitation as i was super flattering to be choose as one of the exclusively invited bloggers! *bow*

As lavish as the venue, the whole night was luxuriously loading with the purple hue and a masquerade as a theme. we were given a special invitation box inclusive the mask (do please check the last pic of this post) and a very nice treat to together witness the launching of their new formulation Innershine drink named as InnerShine® Prune Essence plus Camu Camu and the revelation of their new ambassador. jeng! jeng!

The evening initiated with the red carpet event which gathered all the VIPs, invited guests and medias (Wow even the TV3 was there!). then, a simple presentation and a launching of the InnerShine® Prune Essence plus Camu Camu new drink and finally revealing the new ambassador who is......treng! treng!

yup, she is an actress, a model and a beauty queen of Izara Aishah! no wonder she always looking so radiant and beautiful as she is routinely drinking the Brand's Innershine InnerShine® Prune Essence plus Camu Camu.!!

fyi, this new-formulated drink is enhanced with Camu Camu, (haha..its not kamu kamu okeyh haha) a fruit that contains high levels of Vitamin C. it also contains maltodextrin to give your body 2x more fibre for better digestion! thus, girls if you wanna look shinning as this pretty lady, drink InnerShine® Prune Essence plus Camu Camu today and gain the confidence to shine above all! :)

The impeccable night continued awesomely with the performance by the well-known composer/singer/rapper, Altimet featuring Adeep with their famous song of Chantek. yup, the song has been chosen to be the themed song for the brand as you will get to hear it in their tv commercial soon. a very nice one indeed, we were even gotta see the behind-of-the-scene though!

with the lovely Izara Aishah..Err muke sy terlebeh excited (=.=)

hehe..he was just sitting behind me, with the talented Altimet.
Dish #1: Chilled Salmon Rillete with Asparagus and
Tomato Confit Mesclun Greens Drizzled with Citrus Dressing
Dish #2: Puree of Cauliflower with Truffle Oil and Tomato Crostini
Dish #3: Grilled Chicken Breast on Parmiggiano with
Polenta Glazed Root Vegetables and Mushroom Sauce
Dish #4: Rich Chocolate Cake with Passion Fruit Core and Vanilla Sauce

beautiful bloggers try to copy the penomenan Gwiyomi! ;P
thumbs up! ^^

Oh the gift are desirable right?! there is even a butterfly-pendant necklace inside! huhu personally, i was so so glad to be part of the event, seriously! all the bloggers invited were very friendly yet very nice, lets continue to be a real-friend though and insyAllah will meet again in the future.

no worry dearest, will share more photos with all these amazing peeps clearly in another separate post as i desperately need to reduce the loading, you are most welcome to check the HALL OF FAME of Brand's InnerShine® Prune Essence plus Camu Camu Launching yar... :)

Nah, lets be the 1st to drink this all-new InnerShine® Prune Essence plus Camu Camu which can helps you to look as glowing as Izara Aishah! :) hence again, thanks a lot to the Nuffnang and Brand's Innershine and do please, invite me more to your upcoming events! muahhhhh3x!!

Oh credit the extremely long and yet very complex name of the foods to my dear, Anis Athia.  :)


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  1. kak suzai, anis copy gambar yang ramai-ramai tu yep :)

    serious banyak gila gambar dan tak larat nak upload semua dalam satu entry.. hahaha

  2. so jelly...everybody keep updating blog. I need to wait until my lappy 'discharge from hospital'...huhu..

  3. anis syg-->xde hal copy lahh tp ade COP CAP AYAM akk lah kat ctu hahahha..btw thanks tau name food yg giler tuh..hehehe

  4. shila-->haiyoo akk pasal saket barah ape lappy tu..mmg kusut klu xd lappy n sy slalu xd connction smpi g mapley r..stress! haha

  5. suzai..nice entry..suka tgk gmbr dlm ni sbb cantik2 semua..:)

  6. thanks kak asyik...kak dun forget to see ur pic in the next post sory canot put all u guys here as actually im dying to upload all the photos here..hahahha giler lembab loading cmtu eh. cant wait to c urs c ya again iAllah :)

  7. aloha from yang dok sebelah hari tu... ingat tak?

  8. akak. kite amik sikit gambar yang izara aishah tu ya.

  9. sis.. aleya pun copy ok gambar reramai tu.. nak mintak original boleh

  10. kakk suzaiiii, selamat berkenalannnnnn

  11. Event yg menarik... (^_^)
    btw, this my 1st visited here... slalu dengar crite dr Cik Asyik jea..

  12. suzai: lappy diserang virus! Terus takleh on. Nasib ada adik yg teror IT. Jimat duit.hehe...baru je ok ni..almost 2 weeks...mmg rasa gila jap :D


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