[ChurpChurp] Galactic Laser @Sunway Pyramid

yeahhh..i'm ready for the battle!!  ;P
 wait..register first 
 briefing and kinda ice-breaking moment
 refreshment..hmm the fries were good! ;)
 prizes and hey, i want that churpie!!
 the dressing room...dodgy and creepy~ haha
Zulu & Cyborg? yup, every equipment got its own unique name!
 sweating, dehydrating and sleepy errr...after done with the 3 battles! haha
 the winning team..the purple team. congratulation guys!! hey ours was 2nd, not bad lor! ;P
my partner in crime; kak piqah. huh very tiring lor!  ;P

Event: Galactic Laser Battle by Churp Churp
Date: 31st May 2013
Venue: Sunway Pyramid, LG 3.06

First and foremost, bunch of kisses to the Churp Churp for the invitation and the great opportunity in trying out this galactic laser for our very first time! yup, never thought of playing it since i'm not really a fan of the paintball. haha the valid reason is i'm not a good shooter lor, always died at the beginning! hahaha..so its BORING me. XD

Anyhow, why i'd reckon this game as the one which is better than the paintball??! hehe..because i will ONLY GONNA DIE LIKE 7 Seconds!!! yep, then once the lights turn on and the recorder said "re-activated", i'm again ready to battle! XD oh i was extremely relief by hearing this unexpected rule! hahahhaha please do not ask me on how many times i died in one battle LOL..HAHAHA

The next thing is it is a LASER TAG battle which not involving any bullets lor. so, NO PAIN AT ALL! plus, it was a very DIFFERENT EXPERIENCE battling in a dark room seeing those laser tags clashing all around you. haha..quite funny too as whenever me and the opponent stupidly bumping onto each other and we're both startling and screaming looking at each other in the dark! hahahha then i died! hahahhaha

Anyhow, my suggestions would be;
1) come with a big group like 20 people as the more the merrier!
2) prepared your physical and mental as approximately 15 minutes for each battle is already tiring lor.
3) wear something simple as you will really need to sweep your sweat!
4) finally, go and just ENJOY the game! =)

Last word; this Galactic Laser is seriously an AWESOME one wherein everybody should atleast try it once in your lifetime. hehe..although you hate the paintball so much! haha..well, thanks to Churp Churp, the Galactic Laser@Sunway Pyramid and to my beloved readers, muahhhhh3x for viewing and reading yar....

Proceed with my 2nd battle --> Halloween-party-at-galactic-laser-at-SunwayPyramid


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  1. that equipment and dressing room nmpk ganas uhh..but looks like you having fun there..bestnya..:)

  2. Loving with ur shawl. <3
    So cute.



  3. yup it was fun tho go n try it guys! ^^


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