[Review] Step Up Revolution 3D

Hello dearest, seriously please know that i miss you guys soooooooooooo much!! muahhh3x...

Ok sorry for initiating my hiatus with the 'distraction' image above. hehe..yup, i just watched this movie in 3D version on the last week and please know that i'm not a fan. i'm just a movie-goer who didn't had any other choice! =P

It is so obvious that this musical and romantic picture is featuring an easy story line. so, i don't think i need to give you the synopsis of it as you don't need it to ensure your full enjoyment! haha..but the main aspect that should be reviewed in here is the 3D effect of the whole film which is SUPER AWESOME!!

Honestly, this is the 2nd time i'm experiencing a 3D movie since the 1st time was the FREE Narnia that i've won from Nuffnang! haha..yup, i'm not a fan of 3D movie too but i should claimed that i'm not regretting for spending my money on it since the 3-dimensional effect was outstanding. it makes the people and the cinematography became more real plus the adrenalin choreography was just so damn energetic and electrifying. one word best to describe, the RM21 is worthy!

hahaha..yup another reason is the lead actor, Ryan Guzman is damn HOT. yup, another name in my long list crush. guys, he got the look, the body and the move! (uikkss...the cheesy me~)

haha...but i need to mention that i had a big crush on the girl. seriously, Kathryn McCormick is freaking HOT too especially when she moves her body!!! i envy her voluptuous curve sooooooooo much. guys, please know that she is coming from the reality show, So You Think You Can Dance?! so, the morale of the story is girl, LETS DANCE!!!!!  (">.<)

well, readers i've got lot and lot of stories in my folders since i've been silent for quite a long time, right?! hmmm..so lot of things has happened, good and bad as well~ will tell ya later. tq sooo much for all the love and c ya! ^^


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